Rock Climbing, Navigation & Mountain Skills

1 Day Navigation Training

Do you enjoy walking in the mountains? Would you like to do more but aren't quite so confident to tackle the mountains alone? Why not come out with us and do some bespoke training and development.
Let us help develop your skills from;

  • Understanding map signs & symbols
  • Basic compass skills
  • Simple navigation tactics
  • Estimating time and distance
  • Basic contour interpretation
  • Relocation: What to do when you don't know where you are

The day will run in a very relaxed manner and learning will run at a pace that suits your needs. All of this will be done in the amazing setting of the Lake District. Who says learning doesn't have to be fun.
Led and taught by an experienced, passionate and active mountaineer, walker and climber. Dan will help guide you throughout the day and leave you feeling confident enough to go out and experience the mountains whenever you want.

Is it for me?
Anyone seeking to improve their navigation skills, learn some new techniques and gain confidence in their ability. A reasonable level of fitness will be required, but the pace of the day will be done at your normal day out walking pace.

Start and Finish
The day runs from 9.30am until 4.30pm. We aim to maximise our time out on the hill for a greater experience and learn on the go. Contact us with your preferred date(s) that suit you and the numbers and we'll get back to you with all the details

Adult 1:1 £145
Groups 2 person minimum £75 pp

2-day Introduction to Rock Climbing

Do you have some experience indoor climbing or outdoors but would like to develop your skills? The course will teach you the essentials of rock climbing and build your confidence, experience and understanding of how to keep you and your partner safe at the crag.

Is it for me?
Previous experience indoor or outdoor climbing desirable. Participants will need to moderately fit and mobile. Under 18's will need to be accompanied by parent or guardian

What is covered

  • How to fit a harness and correctly tie in using an appropriate knot
  • How to belay safely, develop belay technique including top and bottom rope belaying
  • Movement techniques and understanding the different types of holds
  • Lots of climbing and looking at lots of gear and understanding its uses and capabilities
  • Interpreting guidebooks
  • Abseiling
  • And lots of climbing

Each course is bespoke and will run at a pace whereby you will gain the most from the day. We will adapt for bad weather and pick locations to still get the most from the day. Upon booking a full outline of the day's agenda, itinerary and kit list will be emailed out to you.


1:1 £280 per person
2:1 £145 per person