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Team Development Day with Exyte Hargreaves Apprentices

Team Development Day with Exyte Hargreaves Apprentices

Late this year saw the 4th event we have held for Exyte Hargreaves (Formerly M+W Hargreaves). The team of young apprentices consisted of some in their last year of their apprenticeship ranging all the way through to an individual whom was 2 weeks in.

The programme ran from Bury Town Hall in one of their conference rooms. The objectives discussed prior with Jeff (Apprentice Development Officer) were those of team integration, looking at roles within the organisation with new roles being developed all the time and finally understanding the importance of inter departmental effective communication. So, work began on creating a programme that would meet their needs as well as being fun and engaging.

The morning started with some introductions and some reacquaintances as I have worked with the apprentices and Exyte Hargreaves staff in the past.
What was laid on for the apprentices was a series of tasks throughout the morning that had them working together in small teams forming new relationships with new colleagues mainly centred around developing their self-confidence and communication skills.

They had all been partnered up to give some constructive feedback of each other's performance during the morning and this was to be a constant theme throughout the day. Peer led feedback can have such a positive result and was a main reason for its inclusion in the programme when discussed prior to the day. Not only this but it also enhances the apprentice's self-awareness knowing they are being observed by another colleague.

The afternoon built on the mornings challenges and led to an "Apprentice" Style task. It involved the teams working on a project that meant they had to head into Bury Town centre in order to complete the task. The project required good leadership, trust, effective communication and delegating roles & responsibilities within the team, as well as remaining safe and professional in the public eye.
This was finalised by a team presentation delivered to the other team, me, Exyte Hargreaves staff including a Managing Director.

The day was a successful in stretching the apprentices out of their comfort zones and allowed them the freedom to take responsibility of the tasks and projects whilst developing their communication skills, building their confidence and creating new relationships.