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Yorkshire Lads Lake District Adventure

Yorkshire Lads Lake District Adventure

I regularly go walking in the Lake District with a couple of friends and we wanted to try some harder scrambling / climbing routes up in the Lakes but didn't have any experience using ropes, slings and climbing nuts. My friend new Danny and arranged with him to meet us in the Lake District one weekend in the summer of 2018 to teach us some basic skills over the course of a weekend.

Danny said that he would provide us with all the necessary climbing equipment i.e. helmet, harness and ropes. We Met Danny on a Friday Evening the day before we were going to start our course. He explained what we would be doing over the course of the weekend, where we would be walking / scrambling and the equipment we would be using.
On the Saturday morning we met Danny to head out for our first day of training in the Langdale Pikes.He kitted is out with our helmets and Harnesses and we headed out. He taught us how to use / fasten our harnesses and how to tie in correctly.

Danny showed great patience with me as I struggled to get to grips with tying the various knots. Danny took us up some easy scrambling routes where he attached slings and nuts and showed us how to use an Italian hitch as part of a belay system and how to attach ourselves safely to the anchor.

On the Sunday Danny took us up to Pavey Ark Crag and to Jake'sRake where he informed us of the route, we would be taking that day and putting the skills that we had learnt the day beforein to practice. He made sure all our harnesses were on correctly and our figure of 8 and safety knots were tied correctly. Danny lead the way attaching the various anchoring points using slings and nuts and we followed him up, if we weren't sure of a route to take on the way up Danny was there to help and guide us. We safely traversed our way up and along Pavey Ark and up Jacks Rake to the top.

I found Danny to be a genuinely nice guy with great patience and very helpful and informative and I would highly recommend him to anybody. I intend to use Danny in the future to learn and progress in my climbing.

Thanks to Danny I learned some invaluable skills and had one of the most memorable days I've ever had in the Lakes!